General Questions
Q : What is “Satsang” ?
Ans : Any kind of inter action between two Vaishnavs about Bhagvad, or doing Kirtan or anything religious is called Satsang.
Q : Who brought to the notice of the people Beithakjis?
Ans : Shri Gokulnathji, the grandson of Mahaprabhuji has written a book which deals with eighty- four beithakjis and the said book is called “Beithakji Charitra”. This book is approximately four hundred years old.
Q : Who can do seva in bethakji?
Ans : Every Vaishnav who has taken Brahm Sambandh can after having bath do Seva of Shri Mahaprabhuji in bethakji.
Q : What is the significance of Zariji?
Ans : Pushti Marg is not only for rich people but for poor people too. For Mahaprabhji poorand rich are alike. It does not cost anything to perform Seva called  ‘Zariji’. Though at some of the holy places, devotee is charged Rs. 11/-to 25/-for performing Zariji but this practice is incorrect for the reason, it is at the devotee’s discration to pay or not to pay.Pushti Marg gives prime importance to humility and therefore word “Seva” is avoided and replaced by expression ‘Zariji’.
Q : How to perform Zariji in Beithak?
Ans : A: The devotees are required to carry out instructions of Mukhiyaji (temple priest). Devotees, if they are many then required to stand in queue with right hand of his placed on the shoulder of the standing in front and facing the beithakji. While waiting in queue for the turn devotee should chant Yamunashtak.
If there are many devotees, then very little quantity of water should be offered by each devotee while performing Zariji so as to enable all the devotees to perform the turn by turn.
Q : Is there any Beithakji other than that of Mahaprabhuji?
Ans : Yes. There are fifty eight more Beithakjis of Shri Gusainji as well as that of lalji, Shrihariraiji,
Shrinathji and Damodardas Harsaniji. Thus, we have eighty four plus fifty eight i.e. One hundread forty-two beithakjis.
Q : Why are there 84 beithakjis of Shri Mahaprabhuji?
Ans : There were 84 enlightened sevaks of Mahaprabhji, he made their hearts his abode.Every Beithakji is a symbolic representation of heart of each of the 84 enlightened sevaks. Further there are 84 types of Bhakti. Incarnationof Mahaprabhuji’s and his work for bringing devotees under one shelter of God.

Q : What is the diffrerence between beithakji and Temple?
Ans :  1) Vaishnavas call their temple as Haveli
           2) Different types  of Beithakji
In temple the Vaishnavs are prohibited from performing seva by themselves only Mukhiyajis can do so.
While in Beithakji Vaishnava can perform seva with their own hands.

Q : What is meant by Betihakji? In Pushti Marg word ‘Beithakji’ does not mean a seat then what does it mean?
Ans : Beithakji means a place to sit. A place where kings, his ministers and important people used to hold meetings was also called Beithak.
However so far as Pusti Marg is concerned Baithak means the place at which Mahaprabhuji sat down and read Shrimad Bhagwat, Ramayana,Geeta etc. During his circular trip throughout india. At the age of eleven he had made three circular trips by foot throughout India.
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