Q. 16: What is "Sansar" according to Shri Mahaprabhuji?
Ans: "Ahanta - Mumta" (I-ness, My-ness) (Human Ego) is "Sansar" as per Shri Mahaprabhuji.

Q. 17: Accroding to Shri Mahaprabhuji, what is the swaroop of "Sansar"?
Ans: The swaroop of "Sansar" is "Mithya" (Meaningless).

Q. 18: Which fasts are to be obeyed for Vaishnavs?
Ans: Shri Mahaprabhuji has ordered Vaishnav's to fast on all the "Agyaras" i.e. 24 "Agyaras" of the year; 4 Jayantis (Birth dates); 2 "Agyaras" in "Adhik Mas" are to be obeyed.

Q. 19: What is the name of the book written by Shri Mahaprabhuji to explain Shrimad Bhagwat?
Ans: "Shri Subodhiniji" was written by Shri Mahaprabhuji to explain Shrimad Bhagwat.

Q. 20: How many small Granths have been published by Shri Mahaprabhuji? Write their names.
Ans: Shri Mahaprabhuji published 16 small Granths known as Sodash Granth and their names are: 1: Yamunashtak 2: Balbodh 3: Siddant Muktawali 4: Pushti Pravah Mavyada 5: Siddant Rahasya 6: Navrathnah 7: Antah Karan Prabodh 8: Vivek Dhariyashray 9: Krushnashya 10: Chatur Sloki 11: Bhakti Vardhini 12: Jalbhed 13: Panch Padhyani 14: Sanyas Nirnay 15: Nirodh Laxan 16: Sevafulum

Q. 21: Hhow many times has Chatur Shri Mahaprabhuji been honoured with Kanakabhishek? When and where?
Ans: Shri Mahaprabhuji has been honoured with Kanakabhishek twice; first in Orchha, and second in Vidhyanagar.

Q. 22: When and where did Shri Gusaiji take birth on the earth?
Ans: Shri Gusaiji was born on 9th day of Magsar Vad Samvat 1572 in Charnatt.

Q. 23: What is the other name of Shri Gusaiji?
Ans: Shri Vithalnathji.

Q. 24: How many "Baithakji" (Places where Shrimad Bhagwat was preached) of Shri Gusaiji are in existence on the earth? How many of them are in Gujarat?"
Ans: There are 28 "Baithakji" of Shri Gusaiji on the earth, and 7 in Gujarat.

Q. 25: How many children did Shri Gusaiji have and what are their names?
Ans: Shri Gusaiji had 7 sons: 1: Shri Giridharji 2: Shri Govindji 3: Shri Balkirshnaji 4: Shri Gokulnathji 5: Shri Raghunathji 6: Shri Yadunathji 7: Shri Ghanshyamlalji

Q. 26: Shri Gusaiji gave a swaroop of Thakorji to each of his sons. Which son received what swaroop.
Ans: Shri Gusaiji gifted the following swaroop to his sons: 1: Shri Giridharji - Shri Mathureshji 2: Shri Govindji - Shri Vitthalnathji 3: Shri Balkrishnaji - Shri Dwarkadhishji 4: Shri Gokulnathji - Shri Gokulnathji 5: Shri Raghunathji - Shri Gokulchandramaji 6: Shri Yadunathji - Shri Balkrishnaji 7: Shri Ghanshyamlalji - Shri Madan Mohanji

Q. 27: What is the first poem of Shri Gusaiji?
Ans: "Sarvottam Stotra" is the first poem composed by Shri Gusaiji.

Q. 28: How many years on the earth did Shri Gusaiji remain present?
Ans: Shri Gusaiji remained present for 70 years on the earth.

Q. 29: Why were Vigyapati created by Shri Gusaiji? Where?
Ans: Kirshnadas Adhikari informed Shri Gusaiji at Dandvatishila that Thakorji desired him to stay in Chandra Sarovar. So Shri Gusaiji stayed in Chandra Sarovar for six months. Shri Gusaiji himself made a fulmala (neclace made out of flowers) and created one slok (verse).

Q. 30: For Thakorji, which seva bhog(Manorath) did Shri Gusaiji celeberate for the first time upon accumulating wealth?
Ans: "Chapan Bhog" was celeberated.

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