Q. 31: Who built a residential house in Mathura for Shri Gusaiji? What is the famous name?
Ans: The queen of Gadha, Shrimati Durgadevi built the residential house in Mathura for Shri Gusaiji and that house is known as "Shat - Ghara".

Q. 32: How did Shri Gusaiji enter / make Asurviamohila (Pass Away)? Who was present with him?
Ans: In Goverdhan, besides the mukharvind (face) of Shri Girirajji, Shri Gusaiji entered in Nikunji with Govindswami and they disappeared in the swaroop of Shrinathji.

Q. 33: Who are the four disciples that are not only friends but have been named as Astashakhas of Shri Gusaiji?
Ans: 1) Shri Govindswami
2) Chhit Swami

Q. 34: Shri Gusaiji's 108 names are in which stotra? Who created this stotra?
Ans: The stotra that consists the 108 name of Shri Gusaiji is known as "Nam Ratanakhyan Stotra". Shri Raghunathji created this stotra.

Q. 35: What year did Shri Gusaiji "Lila Pravesh"?
Ans: In Vikram Savant 1642.

Q. 36: In a single night, which vaishnav dug out the foundation of Shri Gusaiji temple in Gokul?
Ans: Yadvendradas Kumbhar dug out the foundation of Shri Gusaiji temple in Gokul.

Q. 37: Which granth(poem) of Shri Gusaiji is considered as Gayatri in PushtiMarg?
Ans: "Sarvottam Stotra" which is composed by Shri Gusaiji is known as Gayatri of Pushti Marg.

Q. 38: Which granth was created by Shri Gusaiji to explain Shri Subodhiniji?
Ans: To explain Shri Subodhiniji, Shri Gusaiji composed the Tipanaji granth.

Q. 39: Which mandal has been established by Shri Gusaiji for Kirtans of Shrinathji?
Ans: "Ashtachhap Kirtan Mandal" was established by Shri Gusaiji for kirtans of Shrinathji.

Q. 40: On which day did Shri Yamunaji appear on the earth?
Ans: Shri Yamunaji appeared on ther 6th day of Chaitra Sud.

Q. 41: Where did Shrinathji emerge from?
Ans: Shrinathji emerged from Shri Giriraj mountain in Jatipura, Vraj dist., Mathura, India.

Q. 42: What is another name of Shrinathji?
Ans: Another famous name of Shrinathji is "Govardhandhar" (Govardhan Nathji).

Q. 43: Who is the apex God amongst all?
Ans: Lord Shri Krishna.

Q. 44: On which day did Shri Vallabh receive the Brahmasabandh Mantra (Ghadhya Mantra)?
Ans: Shri Vallabh received the Brahmasabandha Mantra (a. k. a Ghadhya Mantra) on the 11th day of Shravan Sud (Agiyarus).

Q. 45: What appeared on Lord Shri Giriraj Mountain on the day Shri Vallabh was born?
Ans: The "Mukharvind" (Face) of Shrinathji emerged on Shri Girirajji.

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