Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 46: Which two honors were received by Shri Vallabh at a very young age?
Ans: Shri Vallabh received "Bal Saraswati" & "Vakpati" honors at a very young age.

Q. 47: Who was the first disciple to receive Brahmasabhandh Dixa from Shri Vallabhacharya?
Ans: Damodardas Harsaniji was the first disciple of Shri Vallabhacharyaji to receive Brahmsabhandha Dixa.

Q. 48: From whom did Shri Mahaprabhuji receive the Dixa of Sanyas?
Ans: Shri Mahaprabhuji received the Dixa of sanyas from Shri Narayanendra Tirth.

Q. 49: What is the cardinal mantra of Pushtimarg?
Ans: The Ashtakshar Mantra (Shri Krishna Sharnam Mamah) is the cardinal mantra.

Q. 50: What is the fruit in Pushtimarg?
Ans: The fruit of Pushtimarg is the seva of Shri Thakorji.

Q. 51: How will Bhagvat Bhav (Love towards God) increase for a Pushti soul?
Ans: Love towards Prabhu (God) will increase for a Pushti soul by procuring the knowledge and Mahatmaya (Importance) of the swaroop and seva of Shrinathji.

Q. 52: How many times & when does Shri Thakorji take a bath with "Panchamrut" (mixture of milk, curd, sugar, honey, ghee)?
Ans: Inside the temple, Shri Thakorji (God) takes a bath with Panchamrut 6 times a year.
1) Early in the morning of Janmashtami (Thakorji's Birthday) to Thakorji
2) Midnight on Janmashtami to Shaligramji
3) On the birth time of "Vaman Dwadasi" to Shaligramji
4) On prabodhini to Shaligramji
5) On Ramnavmi (Lord Ram's Birthday) to Shaligramji
6) On Narsinh Chaudas (Lord Narsinh's Birthday) to Shaligramji

Q. 53: What is the meaning of Adhivasun?
Ans: Things used for Thakorji's seva on purified with vedic rituals is Adhivasun.

Q. 54: When does adhivasun take place in a Pushtimarg temple?
Ans: Adhivasun are performed 7 times a year.
1)First Hindola - Adhivasun of Hindola
2)On Pavitra Ekadashi - Adhivasun of Pavitra & Rakhi
3)On Vasant Panchmi - Adhivasun of Vasant Kalash
4)On Dol (Holi) - Adhivasun of Dol
5)On Akhatrij - Adhivasun of Chandan (Sandal Powder)
6)On Snanyatra - Adhivasun of Jal (Water) on previous day
7)On Rathyatra - Adhivasun of Rath of GOD.

Q. 55: How is "Charnamrut" prepared?
Ans: "Charnamrut" is prepared by mixing the soil of Vraj, soil of Shri Yamunaji and the bath water of Shrinathji.

Q. 56: How should Thakorji be woken up at home?
Ans: Standing near Shri Thakorji's bed, one should clap 3 times with the intention fo ringing a bell. Next, request Thakorji by saying "Jay Jay Jay Shri Thakorji Ki Jay Ho".

Q. 57: How do we offer and request Thakorji for Bhog?
Ans: During the correct time of bhog, Thakorji should kindly be requested by saying "Oh! God kindly have your bhog with the kani (through the request) of Shri Mahaprabhuji, Shri Gusaiji, Shri Gurudev, Shri Damodardas Harsaniji, 84 and 252 vaishnav's"

Q. 58: From "Mangala" to "Shayan" how many times is "Jariji" filled (Water of Jariji changed) everyday?
Ans: Jariji is to be filled 8 times a day, in front of Shri Thakorji.

Q. 59: What is the color of Jariji's cloth? What is it called?
Ans: The color of "Jariji's" cloth is red and it is called "Nevro".

Q. 60: Without which mala Thakorji's shringar is incomplete?
Ans: Without "Gunja Mala" Thakorji's shringar is incomplete.


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