Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 61: Shri Mahaprabhuji had 84 main disciples. Shri Gusaiji had 252 main disciples, then how many disciples did Shri Giridhar Raiji had?
Ans: Shri Giridhar Raiji had 40 main diciples.

Q. 62: Why is Tulsidal (2 Tulsi leaves connected to the same stem) taken in the hand while serving Rajbhog?
Ans: After the Rajbhog is decorated, Tulsidal Gaddya Mantra is recited, serve on Thakorji's feet.

Q. 63: Which holy granth must be recited in front of Shri Thakorji during Rajbhog?
Ans: Shri Krushnashray must be recited in front of Shri Thakorji during Rajbhog.

Q. 64: What is Thakorji's "Patoutsav"?
Ans: According to the Vedas ritual, Shri Thakorji is placed on "Sinhaushan" for the first time. This day is celeberated as "Patoutsav" day. Also, Thakoji was born on "Janmashtami" which is known as "Prakatutsav". "Patoutsav" is when Thakorji grew older and went in "Nikunj" for the first time.

Q. 65: What is Shri Thakorji's Manorath?
Ans: Vaishnavs serving and pleasing Thakorji with everything they have is known as "Manorath". Pleasing Thakorji is a Vaishnav's duty and a reward in itself. What is emerged from the heart is Manorath.

Q. 66: When is the "Dwidhiya Patoutsav"? Why is it known as the "Dwidhiya Patoutsav"?
Ans: During the 40 day of Fagun, Thakorji considers the Gope & Gopis as his equal (Friends). However, after Dol Utsav (40 days of Fagun), Gope & Gopi are again considered as Thakorji's "DAS" and Thakorji again sits on his throne (Patt). Therefore, this occasion is known as the "Second Patoutsav".

Q. 67: Why is it important to take charnamrut right after taking a shower?
Ans: Taking a shower cleans the outside part of the body, while taking charnamrut purifies the body from within. Dosh (Evils) will runaway and therefore charnamrut ought to be taken after taking a shower.

Q. 68: What is Mishri Bhog Thakorji?
Ans: Pushtimarg is about "Yatha Deh, Tatha Deve" seva. Unfortunately, due to time, situations and lack of facilities, many people are not able to serve Thakorji to their fullest. Therefore, they have "agnya" from Shri Vallabh Balak to do "Mishri Seva", which is also known as "Bhav Seva". Mishri seva is when a vaishnav wakes up Thakorji, serves mishri and Jariji, then puts Thakorji to sleep.

Q. 69: Can milk products & Nagari be served to Mishri Bhog Thakorji?
Ans: Yes, milk products and Nagari can be served to Mishri Bhog Thakorji.

Q. 70: Why should samagri (Bhog) be kept ready before awaking Thakorji for Mangal Bhog?
Ans: A mother prepares her child's meal before waking her child, or else the child will cry and become displeased. In the same manner, our Thakorji should be served with love and affection and should not have have to wait for his Bhog. In Pushtimarg, Thakorji served as a child.

Q. 71: When does Shringar Bhog start? Which samagri is to be served?
Ans: Shri Thakorji takes a bath after mangal Bhog. During this time, Shringar Bhog is kept ready on the Choki. After Shringar, the Shringar Bhog is placed in front of Thakorji. Shringar Bhog consists of thor, nagari, milk items, mevo (Dryfruits / Fruits), etc. Samagri should be made according to one's capacity.

Q. 72: Can Palna (cradle) be celebrated in a vaishnav's house? Can bhog be served to Thakorji during Palna?
Ans: Palna can be celebrated in a vaishnav's house so long as there are adequate facilities. Bhog / Samagri can be served with the Bhav (Imagination) of Palna along with Toys, Ghoogra, Chakadi, etc. to Thakorji. Palna Bhog consists of milk items, nagari, dryfruits, fruits, etc. Items should be made according one's capacity.

Q. 73: Which samagri can be served during Rajbhog?
Ans: In Rajbhog, milk products, nagari, sakhdi, unsakhdi, dryfruits, sandhana (pickle), etc can be served according to one's capacity. If there is no permission from Vallabh to serve sakhadi samagri, one can serve unsakhdi, milk products, nagari, etc. to Thakorji.

Q. 74: Which samagri can be served during Shyabhog?
Ans: In Shyabhog, keer, dal bhaath, kadhi, puri, etc. should be served. How ever there should not be any burden on Thakorji. In Pushti marg we treat \ serve Thakorji like a child. The samagri should be served with the purest bhav (affection). Since Thakorji loves the best item; vaishnavs should be ready to serve the finest items every day. If items are not served with a pure bhav, then Thakorji may not accept the samagri\bhog.

Q. 75: Can sakhadi bhog be served to Thakorji on Big Utsavs by a vaishnav who is not granted permission by his\her Acharya to serve sakdi bhog daily?
Ans: The vaishnav who do not have the permission to serve sakhdi bhog daily, maay serve sakhdi bhog on Big Uttsav only if permission is specially granted by an Acharya.


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