Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 91: While performing seva of Thakorji, what should a Vaishnav wear?
Ans: Indian culture usually men wear Dhoti-Bandi or Uparno and has women wear Saari or Choli while performing seva of Thakorji in Upras (Clean and Untouched).

Q. 92: If prasdi mishri is mixed with regular food, which is not offered to god is it called offered edibles or is it called purified edibles?
Ans: It is called partially purified food. How ever, to eat partially purified food is better than to eat unoffered food.

Q. 93: Why should Vaishnav wear Tulsimala?
Ans: Tulsi is dearest to Thakorji and Shri Bhagavat Swaroop; therefore Vaishnavs must wear 2 Tulsi malas. Further more Tulsi is the eternal power to reach Thakorji, for it is donated to us by Shri Mahaprabhuji (& his heires) while speaking the Ashtakshar mantra. Thus a Vaishnav cannot live, even for a day, without wearing Tulsi.

Q. 94: Why do Vaishnav's present their "Kunti"in front of food before eating it?
Ans: It is not necessary to perform such actions. In reality only taking Thakorji's Prasad is one of Pushti Marg's rules. When Vaishnav's feel guilty taking asamarpit food believing that kunti is bhagavat Swaroop, they present it to make the food pure.

Q. 95: Why should water be drunk from distance of mouth?
Ans: The bhav of drinking water from distance from mouth is so that the element of purity remains in both the hands and the vessels holding the water.

Q. 96: Is there a danger of rebirth / re-incarnation for a Vaishnav who has taken Brahmsabandh?
Ans: Everyone on earth is taking birth again and again according to one's owen karmas (actions). This is not the case for true pushti jivs (souls). Pushti jiv's rebirth is subject to the desire of Thakorji and karma. The chief disciple of pushti Marg, Shri Damodardas Harsaniji , is taking birth again and again to guide Pushti Marg on the right path. Shri Mahaprabhuji him self ordered Damodardasji to take 10 births. Thus a Pushti jiv is subject to Reincarnation only by Thakorji's wish and not by karma.

Q. 97: Can Vaishnav recite Shri Sarvottamji, Shri Yamunashtak, Sharan Mantra / Panchakshar Mantra / Gadhya Mantra at any time and at any place?
Ans: Yes. Shri Sarvottamji, Shri Yamunashtak, Sharan Mantra / Panchakshar Mantra / Gadhya Mantra can be recited at any time and place.

Q. 98: During what events seva of Thakorji cannot be performed?
Ans: Seva of Thakorji cannot be performed during:
(1)The course of monthly periods of women
(2)The period of sutak ; (Because of birth of a child or a death in the family). This is to be followed according to religious rule.
(3)The course of delivery period of women.

Q. 99: After taking a shower and observing a fast, can women on M.C. period perform Thakorji's seva on the 3rd day?
Ans: No. Seva can only be started on the 5th day of M.C. period. This is to be done only after shower, this way the woman is purified.

Q. 100: Can Sutki (Sutak) vaishnavs have the darshan of Thakorji in temples?
Ans: During the period of Shri Gosaiji, Sutki Vaishnavs were allowed to have darshan through Shri Kumbhandasji's help. They were allowed to have darshan only when Shri Jariji (Swaroop of Yamunaji) was not present. Also they were not allowed to touch any other Vaishnavs! If the temple has such accommodations, only then the Sutki Vaishnav have the darshan of Thakorji. Today Sutki Vaishnav's have little knowledge of what to do; there fore it is not wrong for them to do the darshan of Thakorji.

Q. 101: At what age did Shri Vallabh complete his studies?
Ans: Shri Vallabh completed his studies at the age of 11.

Q. 102: Why did Laxman Bhattji and family leave their native place for Kashi (Varanasi - A City in India)?
Ans: Upon completion of 100 Som Yagnas, Shri Laxman Bhattji left his native place for Kashi to feed 125,000 Brahmins.

Q. 103: Who ordered Shri Vallabh to place Thakorji in a temple? Where was this order given?
Ans: Shri Thakorji ordered Shri Vallabh to take him out of Girikandra(Govardhan) mountain and place him in a temple. This order was given in Jarkhand.

Q. 104: Whom did Shri Vallabh allow to perform the seva of Thakorji for the 1st time when god was placed on a paat?
Ans: Shri Mahaprabhuji allowed Shri Ramdas Chauhan to perform Shrinathji's seva.

Q. 105: At which location has the painter portrayed Shri Vallabhachrya's picture?
Ans: Shri Vallabh's portrait is on the Govind Ghat on the banks of Shri Yamunaji, in Gokul.

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