Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 106: How do we serve God from Rajbhog to Shayan Bhog without following anosar?
Ans: After "Rajbhog Aarti", Mala and Saaj are removed and Utthapan bhog is served. As per the season, only fruits are served during Utthapanbhog. After 7 – 8 minutes, Utthapanbhog is taken away. After achamun and mukh vastra , panbiri and mala (Garland) are served while imaging the darshan of bhog. After 7 – 8 minutes if you know the "Bhogsandha" kirtans, then you can sing them. After removing Shringar, Shayanbhog is presented to God. Next Shayanbhog is taken away after permission from Thakorji. After achaman and mukh vastra, panbiri is served again. Next Shrigar is removed and Thakorji is put to sleep.

Q. 107: When does Vratachrya start and how long does it last?
Ans: Vratacharya begins from the first day of Kartak Vad and ends on Magsar Sud Purnima.

Q. 108: The period of Kartak vadfirst to magsar purnima is known as Gopmas, Why?
Ans: The virgin maid girls, with pleasure, observed fast and believed that Thakorji was their husband.This is known as Vratacharya. During this period , Thakorji imparted Ghhyan(knowledge) in Gopis and Gopals to experience the swaroop of Anand of Thakorji. Both Gopis and Gopals were made capable by Thakorji to experience and realize the Swaroop Anand of Thakorji. Sight and clothes were given to Gopis and "Yamuna Pan" and Gyan to Gopals. In this period, they had total control of their Indriays (Their Senses) and therefore this month is known as Gopmas.

Q. 109: According to each season, how is odhani vastra served to Thakorji?
Ans: Odhani vastra is worn by Thakorji from Akshay Trutia to Hindola. Odhani and clothes without border are not worn and Kesari Print Malmal clothes are worn. From Hindola, Thakorji will wear odhani, clothes with borders, colorful Leheria, Chandali etc... Resham and Teri cotton with embroidery are also worn during Hindola. From Navratri to Sharad Poonam Chhapana clothes are worn and from Aasho Vad Naum to Karitk Agyaras, Reshmi Jari clothes are worn. From Vasant Panchami to Dol, Vasanti border, white Darina and Jamdani odhani vastras are worn. From Dwitiya paat, Jari clothes are worn for five days. Falgun Vad Satam or Naum to Chaitra Till Bij, chhapana clothes are worn. From Trij to Satam, Chundki, Malal and Leheria clothes are worn by Thakorji.

Q. 110: In Shringar, which jewellaries are decorated to Thakorji according to each season?
Ans: Akshay Trutiya to Hindola: Sip, Chandan, Pearls etc… Starting from Hindola: Diamond, Pearls, manek, Stone, Mina etc… Vasnat Panchami to Dol (Dhuleti): Gold and Mina, Diamonds, Pearls can also be decorated on the day of utsav.

Q. 111: What is Kanjagai?
Ans: Kanjagai is to open ears of cows or to awake the cows. Shri Thakorji, visiting Gau-Shala (Cow Pen) along with Gopi-Gopa, spoke in the ears of cows that "you are invited to participate in the Govardhan Pooja, so please come early to Pooja." In the night of Dipawali, Thakroji is placed in the chowk (cowland) of the temple, where Thakorji Vadans (Invites) in the ears of cows and tell them to come quickly for the Govardhan Pooja. Then Thakorji plays with cows for a little bit. This is know as Kan Jagai.

Q. 112: What is Govardhan Pooja?
Ans: Seva Pooja of Shri Giriraj Mountain is known as Govardhan Pooja. At the bottom of Giriraj mountain, pooja of Shri Giriraj-ji is performed. At that time, Giriraj-ji is covered by "Gobar". Like Shri Krishna performed the Goverdhan Pooja Goverdhan Yog, Shri Thakorji comes and perform the same pooja. Next, Shri Giriraj-ji is served bhog. All the above is called as Goverdhan Pooja.

Q. 113: "Rahiye Shri Gorvardhan ki Tarheti. Rasik Pritam Hit chit ki bate, shri Giriraji-ji so kahiye ……Tarheti", in this poem there is no presence of Thakorji in the 7 nidhi swaroops. Then where is Shri Giridhariji?
Ans: When Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhu was re-siding at Jaisalmer, he was in deep "virha" for Vraj, Vraj atmosphere, Shri Yamunaji, Shri Giriraj-ji, and Shri Govind Kund. Because of this "Virha", he created this "Ashrya Pad". At that time, Giridhariji Thakorji was residing in the palace of Jaisalmer. Therefore Shri Hariraiji Mahaprabhuji presented his internal feeling of Vraj before Shri Giridhariji. At present, Giridharji Thakorji is still resides in Jaisalmer.

Q. 114: How did Rathyatra Manorarth come in Pushtimarg?
Ans: When Shri Gosaiji went to Jagnnathpuri for the yaatra, he stayed there for six months. Then Bhagvan Shri Jagdish ordered Shri Gosaiji to start the "rathyatra" in Pushtimarg. Shri Gosaiji accepted the order and had the carpenter named Rasa prepare a map of Shri Jagdishji's rath. After the map was prepare, Shri Gusaiji went back to adel and had a miniature rath built. Afterwards, he placed Shri Navnitpriyaji on the rath and started celebrating this festival every year. This is how Rathyatra Manorath started in Pushtimarg.

Q. 115: In which bhog Shri Mahaprabhuji's kani, achman and mukh vastra are not needed?
Ans: In Palna and Shringar Bhog, Kani, achman, and mukh vastra are not needed. In all other bhogs, after taking away the bhog, achman, mukh vastra and pan biri are required.

Q. 116: What is served in Parishram Bhog?
Ans: If Thakorji is in Mishri Bhog, then mishri is offered. If Thakorji is in Sakhadi/ Unsakhadi Bhog, then sweet balls of Magas or Manbhog(Shiro) is served as Unsakhadi. Parishram Bhog means performing seva of Thakorji during journey / after journey only; not during normal daily times.

Q. 117: Why is wetted Kasumbi Rang (Red color) cloth served on Jariji? Why is another cloth overcoated in Shitkal (Winter)?
Ans: The color of love is Kasumbi; therefore, a Wetted Kasumbi Rang Cloth is used. An extra clean cloth is used in Shitkal for the pleasure and convenience of Thakorji.

Q. 118: Why are 2 Tulsi Kanktis worn?
Ans: Vaishnavs who have taken a Brahmsumbandh should were 2 Kuntis; one for Naam Matra , and the other for Nivedan Mantra Bhav. These 2 kuntis are comprised of cotton threads.

Q. 119: Before cremating a body, should the Tilak and the Kantis be removed from it?
Ans: Yes, They should be removed, Tilak Represents Yamunaji while Kanti represent Lord Shri Krishna as Shrimad Bhagavat Swaroop. Thus it is inappropriate to burn them.

Q. 120: Should Chitraji Seva of Thakorji wear Vagha(Cloths) while sleeping?
Ans: Yes, Vagha is to be worn on Chitraji Seva of Thakorji at the time of sleep. At night, Thada Swaroop Seva only wears Tanio / Langot and Lalaji wears nothing while sleeping.

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