Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 121: Is Mahabhog Served to Sakhadi Thakorji on Janmashtami (Thakorji's Birthday)?
Ans: There is no need to serve Mahabhog during the night of Janmashtami. In the morning (i. e. 9th day the of the month), during Rajbhog, Mahabhog is served with Yathashakti to celebrate Nand Mahotsav, which is the most important event in Pushtimarg.

Q. 122: Is Jagran Necessary at the residence of a Vaishnav on Janmashtami?
Ans: No, Not required. Seva is performed in normal course.

Q. 123: Is Panchamrut mixed with anything or is it separately served?
Ans: In Pushtimarg, all samagri of Panchamrut is served separately (i.e. – milk, sugar, honey, curd and ghee).

Q. 124: What is Supeti (White Cloth)?
Ans: The white cloth that is spread over the Gadi, Takia and Bed is called Supeti.

Q. 125: What is Sunjni?
Ans: Simple clothes spread between two bed sheets is called Sujani.

Q. 126: During which period are fans put in Shaiya Mandir and during which period are fans put with Sihasan Pith?
Ans: The fans are served in Shaiya Mandir from Samvatsur to Dhanteras and from Akshya Trutia to Hindola on the both sides of the Sihasan.

Q. 127: What is Fargul? What is the difference between Fargul and Gadala?
Ans: During the winter, only the Mukharvind is seen during Darshan and other parts of the the body are covered by cotton clothes. This is called Fargul. White cotton Bandhi served to Thakorji is called Gudal.

Q. 128: When are Fargul and Gudal Served?
Ans: Fargul & Gudal are served from Prabhothini (i.e. – Kartak Sud Ekadashi). It is served by replacing odhani in Prabhothini Ekadashi.

Q. 129: Which day is Picchkari (water gun) served to Thakorji?
Ans: Pichkari is served to GOD on Maha Sud Purnima and lasts up to Fagun Vad Ekam or Bij.

Q. 130: Can Keshuda be played on Thakorji or not?
Ans: Keshuda cannot be played on Thakorji, but Thakorji will first play with Gudal, Abeel, Chandan , Chokha. Then, on Pichhavai Sadi Sihasan, Dhol & Kunja are played with Kesuda.

Q. 131: Should Vaishnavs play Holi with Thakorji from Vasant Panchami to Dol (Dhuleti)?
Ans: Vaishnavs should play Holi with Thakorji from Vasant Panchami to Dhuleti for about 15 to 20 minutes daily. This is because Holi lasts only 40 days.

Q. 132: What precautions should be taken when playing Holi with Thakorji?
Ans: Thakorji is like a child & therefore while playing Holi with Thakorji, the colors should not spread out on Thakorji.s face.

Q. 133: Why is Holidunda (Stick Thakorji holds during Holi) placed along the bed of Thakorji? Should it be along the bedside during night time as well?
Ans: During Rajbhog, the Holidunda is places next to Thakorji with the precaution that the Balswaroop (child Swaroop) Thakorji may desire to play Holi at any time. The Holidunda is placed on the Thakorji's bed at night only on Holi.

Q. 134: Why is the "Pavitra" presented to Thakorji on Shravan Sud 11 &why toVallabh / Gurudev on Shravan Sud 12?
Ans: On account of the historical events, during Shravan Sud 11 (Agyaras) in Govind Ghat of Gokul, at midnight, Thakorji emerged to solve the worries of Shri Vallabhacharya. Shri Vallabh was worried because did not know how to present a sinful soul to Thakorji. Thus Thakorji gave the Brahmsumbandh Mantra to Mahaprabhuji for the union of souls with Brahm. Shri Mahaprabhuji was very much pleased & presented Pavitra on the 12th and experienced rasaatmak anand of Thakorji. Shri Mahaprabhuji expressed his delight through "Madharstakam" granth. Since then, the "Pavitra" is presented to Thakorji on Shravan Sud 11 & to Shri Vallabh / Gurudev on the 12th day of Shravan.

Q. 135: Why is the cotton Pavitra presented before God?
Ans: According to the Hindu religion, Pavitra presented before God should be: in the age of Satyug – Diamond; in the age of Tratrayug – Gold; in the age of Dwaperyug – Resham; & in the age of Kaliyug – Cotton. (We are currently in Kaliyug).

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