Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 136: Up to which period can the "Pavitra" be presented to Thakorji? To Guru (if not present on Shravan Sud - 11&12)?
Ans: For Thakorji, Pavitra can be presented till Janmashatami & can be presented from the 11th day of Shravan Vad to one's Guru.

Q. 137: Can Krishnastakum & Madhurastakum be recited at night?
Ans: Both the stotra can be recited in front of Thakorji at anytime or place.

Q. 138: Can Sarvottum Stotra be recited in sutak or an impurified death?
Ans: Sarvottum Stotra cannot be recited in sutak or an impurified death. However, Ashtakshar mantra can be recited!

Q. 139: When can festivals be celebrated and up to what period?
Ans: Normally, the following festivals can be celebrated up to:
Annankut:- Maha Sud 4,
Dol (Dhuleti):- FagunVad 5,
Rathyatra:- Ashadh Sud 15,
Dan:- Bhadar Vad Amas (pronounced as Uh-maass),
Pavitra:- Janmashtami

Q. 140: During Seva, can a Vaishnav wear woolen clothes in the cold season?
Ans: Cotton or woolen clothes must be worn in seva, but they should be new clothes. They should be worn only in Apras. The custom is that woolen & cotton clothes cannot be worn in Sakhadi Bhog.

Q. 141: On which side should the mukharwind of Thakorij be pleced for seva in a Vaishnav's House?
Ans: In Pushtimarg, the mukharwind of Thakorji should face either north or the east direction. However this is not set in stone. It is ok for Thakorji to face any dirction if it is not possible for him to face the north or the east directions. Thakorji's Seva is always performed by seeing his convenience, for nothing can hinder Seva.

Q. 142: Can Panchakshur Mantra Mala be recited when not in "Apras"?
Ans: Panchakshur Mantra / Stotra must be performed in Apras. Only by doing that, the activity becomes "Jap". Like wise, Gadh Mantra of Brahmsumbandh should be recited in Apras only. As Gadh Mantra is vistar of Panchaksur Mantra.

Q. 143: Which Granth (Book) was written by Shri Mahaprabhuji to give all the answer to Mayavadi (Learned Pundits) in Kashi?
Ans: Patravalaban Granth.

Q. 144: In which state of India is Champaranya situated?
Ans: Champaranya is situated in Chhattisgarh state of India.

Q. 145: What was Shri Laxmanbhattji's father's name?
Ans: Shri Laxmanbhattji's father's name was Balam Bhatt.

Q. 146: What is the meaning of "Asurvyamohlila"?
Ans: The meaning of "Asurvyamohlila" is to pretend / show that your have left the world in the eyes of upholy people (Drangan / Devil).

Q. 147: What are Ashad Aalap and Mukharata Dosh?
Ans: To speak Mithya (Lies) is Ashad Aalap and to constantly speak over enthusiastically is Mukharata Dosh.

Q. 148: What is Unyashary(Dependence)?
Ans: Unyashray is to depend of someone other than Shri Krishna (Nikunjnayak Shriji). This is prohibited in Pushtimarg.

Q. 149: What is Bahirmukhata?
Ans: This Dosh (Evil) is due to turning away from Hari (God) and/or Guru.

Q. 150: When composing Subodhiniji (The commentary on Shrimad Bhagvat), as what 2 locations was Shri Vallabh ordered to return to Nijdham (His original place with God).
Ans: The first order was at Gangasagar & the second was at Madhuvan.

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