Shri Krishna is totally devoid of all material attributes, yet He is also personal and replete with divinity. Shri Krishna is able to respond to a wide variety of religious experiences. His multi-dimensional aspect is clearly demonstrated when He walked into Kamsa’s wrestling stadium. When He entered the arena, His parents looked upon Him as their son while the women in the stands saw Him as Love Incarnate. The yogis observed Him as the absolute unblemished Brahman, while the cowherd lads saw Krishna as their friend. The wrestlers saw Him as a mighty foe while King Kamsa viewed the divine cowlad as death personified. They all became liberated by their personal view.
Brahman’s attributes appear in every object in the world. He is the clay as well as the various forms of clay-like pots and plates. Maya is simply a power of the Lord which is deluding and therefore creates false cognition. A person sees a white cloth as a yellow cloth because he is wearing yellow-tinted sunglasses. If one can discern that the white cloth is real and that the yellowness is a product of maya, then one should remove maya from one’s perception without discarding the real world.

The Path of Grace sees everything as Krishna and nothing but Krishna. Since illusion, or maya, is a subject of perception, all objects in the world and the world itself are flawless. It is the pure non-dualist path that embraces a positive and devotional worldview where creation is seen as a perfect manifestation of God. The blessed devotee is not obsessed with liberation or any other form of yoga besides the pleasing service to Shri Krishna.
Although all things are equally Brahman, for Shri Vallabhacharya, the Yamuna and Ganges rivers, as well as sacred items, places and people are set apart from the rest of the world, for they have helped people realize God. If one is confused and sees the body as the soul, then that is a condition of false identification. At that moment Brahman is not recognized as the Self of all things and the individual has forgotten his or her true joyful nature.

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