Devotees on the Path of Grace celebrated the nectar of Shri Krishna's presence with their various refined sensitivities. This path is the uncontrived spiritual route, and Shri Vallabhacharya has taught that the means and the reward should be seen as one. Each level of realization is a part of the divine lila and Shri Krishna is the master of ceremonies. Therefore, the result is always perfect.
In the Gita Shri Krishna proclaims, “In the world of beings, souls are my very parts.” The soul is either pure, bound or liberated. Before the soul manifests into the world, it is a pure part of God. At the time it appears in this world of matter however, most souls become bound and their bliss is concealed. When souls are able to remove their false identifications with their body, senses, life-force, and faculty of cognition, they are able to become re-established with Brahman and they become blissful again.

When the Lord desired to sport, He became many different souls that can achieve liberation while in the body or after death. Blessed souls are divine in nature and perform Shri Krishna’s loving seva. Souls who follow the laws of scriptures are eligible for liberation while mundane souls receive worldly rewards.

The soul is atomic in nature and pervasive in effect, just as sandal-paste cools the entire body when it is applied to the forehead. The soul lives in the heart and as the Brahma Sutra states, “permeates consciousness throughout the body.”

The five knots of ignorance keep the soul in bondage, says Shri Vallabhacharya in his Shastrarth Prakarana, “The five knots of ignorance are the body, senses, life-force, inner cognitive faculties as well as your spiritual being when they are not recognized as being connected to God.”

When the soul becomes liberated through either wisdom or devotion, it no longer revolves in the karmic wheel and is free from rebirth. Liberation can occur while living in the body or it can be attained after leaving the body. Grace-filled souls enter into Shri Krishna’s eternal lila. The law-abiding souls merge with God, while worldly souls continue to take birth here in the world.

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