Some bhaktas are pure in nature (sattvic), some are passionate (rajas), while others are obstinate (tamas). Bhaktas of every disposition are accepted by Shri Krishna. Once every virtue is directed towards Him then every emotion can be useful in His worship. The bhakta’s dispositions are but various devotional fuels that propel her to God. Since it is too difficult of a journey out, Hari descends into the world of matter and plays with the soul according to her nature.
“In this world, the Emperor is the most important man. If you want to meet him, you must please many people below him and even then he may not meet you if it is not his wish. If you make lots of plans, the royal meeting may occur, but only after surmounting many difficulties. If he wishes to meet you, however, then you can be before him in a moment. In a similar way, the soul who desires to find God ponders over how to find Him for a long time. Still God remains illusive. It is then that the Blessed Lord resolves, ‘I want to meet this soul.’ Then there is no delay in the reunion.” (Shri Harirayaji)

Concerning practice, Shri Vallabhacharya is concise: “The attainment of Shri Krishna can never be dependant upon any formula. Shri Krishna, whose mood is always perfect, is attained through the precise emulation of those who have already attained Him.”
The practice of devotion to Krishna is transforming. Like gutter water that spills into Ganga becomes Ganga, similarly in the Path of Grace, once all things are offered, they become like Krishna; free of bondage. In the devotional process, everything leads to the Blessed Lord.

First there arises the subtle and blessed understanding that Shri Krishna is Brahman and deserves ultimate adoration. Then, a desire for a specific relationship with Him arises, followed by practice. When Shri Krishna responds, the fruit is attained.
On the subject of practice, Shri Vallabhacharya is concise, "The attainment of Shri Krishna can never be dependent upon any formula. Shri Krishna, who is perfect bhava, is attained through the precise emulation of those who have already attained Him." And so, as the Gopis of Vrindavan are the ones who attained Krishna, they are the grace-filled gurus of the Path. If God could be captured by a particular formula, that prisoner could not be God.

After Krishna stole the butter, His mother, Yashoda, could only tie Him up when He allowed her. Although Brahman cannot be confined, Shri Krishna allows Himself to be bound by the devotees' cords of love.

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