One becomes eligible for and inclined towards the Blessed Path by the Lord’s grace. It is through the Blessed Lord’s grace that souls have association with His bhaktas. The Bhagavata states, “By always serving holy souls, my mind was purified and I became sincerely inclined towards the divine practice.”

Shri Vallabhacharya says, “In all transcendental matters, inclination comes from hearing about Shri Krishna’s greatness.”

When there is an inner experience of God, then the seed of divine mood along with a distinct and conscious inclination grows through the means of devotional listening and other bhakti practices. It sprouts into the form of love and removes attachment to everything except God. Then follows the divine state of attachment and in the ultimate condition, the bhakta becomes addicted to Shri Krishna
“Devotees who have direct devotion without motive for the Supreme Person do not leave My worship to accept anything, even the four types of liberation.” (Bhagavata) This type of devotion is referred to as intense bhakti yoga and it arises from profound love for God.
Total love is an advanced stage of devotion comprised of unconditional love for God. The word “bhava” here means love and it is said, “Love for God and other divine things is called bhava.”

The love within the soul is called atmabhava, “Our sons are not loved for their own sake, but for the sake of our own soul.” (Brahadaranyaka 2.4.51)

As one loves oneself, similarly there should be love for God. Then there is a unity between the Supreme and the soul. In the Path of Grace, love of God is not based on duality, but occurs because the Self naturally possesses a feeling of unity. Kamsa always viewed Krishna with hostility and was awarded liberation because of his focus on Him. Now just imagine the divine condition of those who love Him!

Total love is to have a feeling of identity between the Lord and all things. Lawful love and grace-filled love are the two types of Total love. Lawful love makes one feel God’s presence in all things. In grace-filled love, like the love that the Gopis experienced in their separation from Krishna, one experiences Him everywhere. This love is greater than the total love in the Path of Law because of the many amorous sentiments for the Lord that are included in their Total love. These and other devotional moods are very useful in experiencing the great joy of devotion

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