When a bhakta becomes possessed by Krishna, the Blessed Lord’s presence is experienced in the world as He sports with His unimaginable powers.

Nirodha is when the Blessed Lord possesses His beloved ones according to their individual nature. Through His different types of lilas, He makes His bhaktas forget the world and creates an everlasting link with them. Shri Vallabhacharya remarks, “Those that Hari possesses are blissful day and night.” (Nirodha Laskhana)

A person absorbed in the mayic world is not qualified for nirodha while attachment to Shri Krishna allows the bhakta divine entrance. This transforms the bhakta and makes her unattached to anything that is unrelated to Him.

The bhakta’s reality is related in the Bhagavata, “While sleeping, eating wandering about, speaking, playing, bathing and sitting and moving about the residents of Vrindavan were unaware of themselves. They were completely engrossed in Krishna.”
The divine sport or lila that the Lord performs is always increasing in bliss. The realization of Krishna’s lila is the devotional dharma of the soul.

Shri Vallabhacharya says, “The Lord’s birth occurs when Hari incarnates in the world with all powers of action, in order to bless everyone with His sight. Those bhaktas who adhere their minds to Him forget the false world and become divinely attached.”(Bhagavatartha 10.20)
The bhaktas of Braja cherished obstinate love for Shri Krishna and were devoid of knowledge unrelated to His lilas. They transgressed the rules of the world and Vedas because they were only interested in Krishna. Shri Krishna praises them, “They have left the world, the Vedas and their relatives for Me.”

The Gopis of Vrindavan are the gurus of the Path of Grace. The way they serve and love Shri Krishna is the highest example of devotion and Shri Vallabhacharya teaches that their devotion should be emulated. Their lives were full of Krishna and they found Him everywhere. To attain Gopihood is the height of devotion.

Shri Gusainji has provided us with a beautiful description of the Gopis’ bhava .

“I adore the divine Vrindavan wishing tree that grants total love for Shri Krishna to the deer-eyed Gopis. At first, the Gopis’ bhava for Krishna is a sprout that has been nourished for a very long time. When their love becomes firm, it becomes a sapling. When longing to be with Krishna increases, their devotional saplings grow into hundreds of branches. Then when Shri Krishna fulfills the Gopi’s divine desires by interacting with them in numerous ways, their devotional branches fill out with lovely leaves. The joy that arises from their exchanges with Shri Krishna blossoms and when their desire to join Him increases even more, those blossoms become flowers. Finally, when Shri Krishna engages with them according to their bhava and fulfills their every desire, the blessed wishing tree becomes laden with fruit.”

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