A  follower of Shri Vallabhacharya once explained to another bhakta how to know when Shri Krishna is pleased with a bhakta’s seva. He explained, "There are four indications. First, devotees naturally go to homes where seva is made. The second indication is that Shri Nathji’s form fills their hearts with bliss as they reflect, ‘Through the grace of Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya and Shri Gusainji, Shri Krishna comes and accepts my water and cooking.

“The third sign is that just as they adorn Shri Krishna, so He appears. The fourth way of knowing  is that the offerings that are made to Shri Krishna in Shri Mahaprabhuji 's name, have many different divine tastes and the plate of prasada does not diminish. When all this occurs, know that Shri Krishna is pleased with the seva."

Then that bhakta went to another follower’s house and asked, "How can we please Shri Krishna?" The second bhakta explained, "Shri Krishna is pleased with the ones that Shri Svaminiji (Shri Radha) is pleased with. Then She showers her blessings. Know that Shri Svaminiji is pleased when the bhakta’s faith becomes firm and there is one-pointed devotion to Shri Mahaprabhuji, Shri Gusainji, Shri Nathji, as well as to Shri Svaminiji and all Their bhaktas. Then know that Shri Krishna has blessed the bhakta. This path is solely Shri Svaminiji's. When She is pleased, Shri Krishna allows the soul entrance into the lila and when that happens, know that Shri Krishna is delighted."

Then the bhakta went to Krishna Bhatt and told him, "We want to know how to please Shri Krishna?”

Krishna Bhatt replied, “Know that Shri Krishna and Shri Svaminiji are so absorbed in Their own bliss and that Their attention does not wander elsewhere. They are perfectly enchanted with Their own lila and lost in each other’s forms. There is one inti­mate sakhi, a friend of Theirs, who always remains nearby. When she is pleased with someone, she sings that bhakta’s glories to Them. This pleases the Divine Couple and then they fulfill that bhakta's wishes.

“There is yet another Gopi who cares for all the outer arrangement of the lila. She is an attendant of the lila-bower and arranges the bed and ornaments. She stands by the door of the lila-bower and sings very sweetly. She praises the Divine Couple in various ways. Sometimes she makes divine requests on behalf of certain individuals to Shri Svaminiji’s intimate Gopi at just the right time. In turn, that Gopi keeps it in her heart and when Shri Krishna and Shri Svaminiji are in a celebatory mood, she reminds them of that bhakta. Then Shri Krishna becomes pleased with that bhakta."

“Just as a woman who desires a man can arrange the meeting through her female messenger, similarly in the path of loving devotion, the bhakta who knows God is the messenger for other bhaktas. Know that Krishna is found when we please such a bhakta.”

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