After making your lunch offering, a devotional contemplation should be done. Quietly reflect how Shri Krishna takes His meals at home during the winter season. Follow Krishna when He is invited to the Gopi’s house. During the hot season, contemplate Shri Krishna’s lunch in the forest by the banks of the Yamuna or in the forest at Shyamdak or at other places where His cows graze and He plays with His cowlad friends. When Shri Krishna is hungry, see how He climbs a tree to look for the Gopis who are bringing His lunch. Sometimes when the Gopis lose their way, Krishna sounds His flute to show them the path. Feel the groups of Gopis coming from their homes with lunch baskets balanced on their heads. Shri Krishna enjoys their offerings and gives the leftovers to His friends. Krishna plays in so many ways.
Sometimes He grabs the food, laughs and then gives the Gopis secret messages about an evening rendez-vouz. There are so many bhavas to contemplate. During the rainy season, Radha and Krishna come to the Vrindavan forest which is delightful to behold. Dark clouds fill the sky and when Shri Svaminiji gets wet from the rain, Shri Krishna dries her with the edge of His blanket. Shri Krishna enchants Radha and takes her to bowers filled with precious jewels. She implores Krishna, ‘You enjoy the offerings first.’ They exchange sweet words while Lalita and other Gopis serve the Divine Couple and enjoy the lila. Know that Shri Krishna responds directly to the bhava of His pure bhakta.” (From the 252 Vaishnavas)
Shri Krishna tells Uddhava, ‘Uddhava, by following dharma and surrendering one’s soul to Me, devotion is received.” To give the special reward, the Blessed Lord plants the seed of devotion within those who belong to the Path of Grace.

Present day bhaktas learn about obstructions to devotional life from the guru’s teachings. By performng Shri Krishna’s worship ignorance can be removed. When Shri Krishna incarnated and slayed the demoness Putana, He removed the ignorance from His bhaktas’ hearts. Present day bhaktas need to seek Hari’s shelter to remove their ignorance and they should avoid all impure association. After hearing the divine names from other blessed bhaktas, they should remember the sacred name’s precise form, attributes and lila connections while repeating them. Then without them even knowing it, the Lord removes numerous obstructions.

As mother Yashoda remembered and sang about Shri Krishna’s lilas when she churned the curds, present day bhaktas should sing Shri Krishna’s praises while engaged in wordly tasks.

Those senses that are turned away from God can become purified through devotional practices and then adhered to the Lord. Know that Bhakti yoga has been highly praised because those who practice it can overcome the three material qualities and achieve perfect love for the Lord. The sacred Sruti texts have also advised transcendental enjoyment with the Supreme Being.
“The reward of Shri Vallabh’s path has manifested for those who have flawless devotion. The scriptural  type of devotional practice can also be used, but the experience of the highest reward is found in the devotion of the Gopis of Vrindavan. They have beautiful eyes and dance with Krishna right in their homes! … In the Path of Grace, whatever, whenever and in whatever way the bhaktas offer Shri Krishna something He desires, He appears to them directly as the Lord of the Gopis. Then His lotus face laughs as He affectionately accepts the offerings.” (Shri Gusainji)

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