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A person becomes a 'Pushtimargiya vaishnav' only after being initiated into Pushtimarg by the 'Brahmasambandh diksha' and not by simply being born in a vaishnav family as is a mis-conception. Brahmasambandh is the entry of a jiva into Pushtimarg. It is a diksha which can be given by any of the existing Vallabhkul acharyas ONLY, not by any other person on this earth. The first brahmasambandh was given by Shri Vallabhacaryaji to Shri Damodardasji Harsani more than 500 years ago.

The word 'Brahmasambandh' is made up of two words 'brahma' meaning prabhu and 'sambandh' meaning relation/attachment. Simply put by taking  brahmasambandh a jiva (person) becomes attached to prabhu.


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