The Brahmasambandh Mantra
The Brahmasambandh mantra is a sanskrit mantra containing 84 letters. This mantra is not man-made, it was first given to Shri Vallabh by Shri Thakurji Himself (in the form of Shri Gokulchandramaji) at Thakurani Ghat in Gokul on Shraavan Sud 11 in the year 1492 AD. Shri Thakurji had promised to Shri Vallabh - "To whoever you or your descendants give this diksha, I'll consider him/her as my own and so will not look at the faults of that jiva".

This mantra is an oath taken by the jiva wherein he/she does samarpan of all his worldly wealth and relations MENTALLY to Shri Thakurji. After taking brahmasambandh the jiva believes that all worldly attachments (like wealth, family, etc.)are given by prabhu with His kripa, the jiva does the effort like business but it is prabhu who gives fruit in the form of wealth. This mantra is secret and pure, it cannot be read, written or recited in public. We cannot publish this mantra on the website


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