The Brahmasambandh Mantra
The Procedure
There is a set procedure for taking brahmasambandh which has been followed strictly since centuries. Here we give the details on what should be the ideal procedure (may vary slightly depending on the agya of Vallabhkul Acharya) that has to be followed by anyone willing to take the diksha. (Example : Supposing a person wants to take Brahmasambandh on 15th August). Here are the steps he/she should follow :
    • Take permission from a Vallabhkul Baalak a few days before the diksha.
    • Do complusory Upvas - taking only fluids and fruits/dry fruits - a day before the diksha is to be taken (here 14th Aug)
    • Go to the haveli/place where the diksha is to be given the the fixed date (here 15th Aug)
    • Gents should take a new (kori) dhoti(complusory) and bandi/uparna(optional) and ladies should take new (kori) saree or chaniya/choli to the place of diksha. (Tip : Also take new towel to dry the body alongwith the clothes mentioned above)
    • One should take bath in one's house and shampoo the hair. Remove ring (angoothi), nail polish, mehendi or any kalai dora at one's house. Go to the place of diksha wearing normal clothes.
    • On reaching the place of diksha, take bath a second time in apras and wear the dhoti/saree and sit in a pure place. Keep reciting the Ashtakshar mantra (Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama) till you are not called to take the diksha.
    • Once you have taken diksha from Vallabhkul balak change into normal clothes after taking permission.
    • Do bhet & charansparsh of Diksha guru and leave for your home. Remember to ask for a photo of your guru before departing and always keep the photo at a safe place where darshan can be done.


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