The Brahmasambandh Mantra
Points to remember/follow after the diksha
After taking the diksha we are not free. We must realise that from the day of Brahmasambandh we have just entered the sampradaya and so must take care of some basic things
  • Always wear two Tulsi Kanthis. Never ever part with the kanthi under any circumstances. Alternately, we can also wear a chandi/sona kanthi
  • Do paath like yamunashtakam, navratna, etc. and do a mala of 'Shri Krishna Sharanam mama' mantra daily after taking bath. Make it a habit of giving atleast 5-10 mins. to prabhu-smaran during the whole day
  •  Visit gurughar during auspicious days or days which hold importance to you. Make it a point to compulsorily do dandvat to guru on Shraavan Sud 12 (Pavitra Baaras)


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