The Brahmasambandh Mantra
The Necessity to take the diksha
  • This diksha is necessary if the vaishnav wants to do Jhari-Charansprash or any other activity like sewa in Pushtimarg
  •  There are many who believe that there is no need to take the diksha if one is born in a vaishnav family, this is not true. Each and every jiva has to independently do samarpan to prabhu in the presence of Shri Vallabh and tulsiji
  •  Children of a vaishnav family should compulsorily be given the diksha as it can be helpful in case of emergency related to sewa
  •  Many vaishnavs believe that Brahmasambandh should be given only to those who are willing to do sewa, this is also not a practical approach as the wish to do sewa may arise at a later part in one's life. If the diksha is not given citing the above reason then the jiva - under no proper guidance - may go away at a young age to another marga whereby being deprived of his/her right of doing Bhagwat-sewa
  • The ideal age of taking the diksha is 7-15 years


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