The exact procedure to be followed can differ at all bethakjis but a certain procedure is common to all. Here we are giving the general directions to be followed by anyone willing to do Jhari-Charansparsh:
  •  First take bath in apras and wear the dhoti-bandi/saree. Dry your hair or tie it properly so that it does not fall on bethakji
  •  Be careful not to touch any vaishnav who is not in apras
  •  Carry the things to be offered at the bethakji with you in apras (fruits, dhoti-bandi, gomukhi, etc.)
  •  Enter the sewa and first do dandvat to the seat (chontraji).
  •  Go to an adjoining room or verandah and cut the fruits into pieces (remove the seed from apples, oranges, etc.). Put the fruits and misri in different bowls
  •  Go to the mathni-ghar (room or place where the water pithcer for filling jharijis is kept) and wash and refill a jhariji (Note: Most of the bethajis have stock of jharijis, optionally vaishnavas can take new jharijis with them also)
  •  Go back in sewa and carefully offer the jhariji and bhog (fruits,etc.) near the chontraji.
  •  Also offer the new Dhoti-uparna, gomukhi, attar, etc. to the chontraji.
  •  Do charan-sparsh and bhet of the padukaji. If there is enough space do atleast one parikrama of the chontraji.
  •  Stand at one corner and do one paath of 'Shri Sarvottam-stotram' infront   of the bethakji. If there is not enough space in sewa then sit at some place and recite the stotra. Even if you sit outside, stay in apras till the paath is not completed.
  • Once the paath is finished take the jhariji and bhog as prasadi. Empty the jhariji in the mathni-ghar and take the fruits with you as 'prasad of bethakji', do not forget to take a drop of water from jhariji also.


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