Points to remember
There are certain points which should be borne in mind when doing Jhari-Charansparsh. These are not rules but if kept in mind they give pleasure to other vaishanvas and also Shri Vallabh:
  • Please take personal care of all your belongings, never trust any locals
  •  If possible read the 'bethak-charitra' (story of the bethak) of the particular one you are visiting
  •  In sewa never be in a hurry. If someone is doing Jhari-Charansparsh before you and you want to leave early, let him know in a polite manner
  •  Be VERY CAREFUL  when you are carrying your bhet-samagri with you near the chontraji. Careless vaishnavas many times spill the things on the chontraji whereby giving shram to Shri Vallabh. Anyone in sewa should complusorily take care of this point
  •  When you are in apras and darshan are open, please stand in such a way that you do not obstruct the darshan
  •  If you cannot take bath in apras then do darshan of bethakji without fail
  •  If you're doing bethakji in a big group, say more than 100,  take consent of all present and fill the jhariji and offer dhoti-uparna, etc. collectively (one person offering them and the rest touching his hand to complete the bhavna). If you have got a different set, give it to the mukhiaji or the adhikariji who will use them at a later date. Don't forget to do charan-sparsh and bhet individually. This will give relief to bethakji as many times if everyone tries to do everything it gives shram to Shri Vallabh
  •  If there are any sewaks, give them nominal sewaki
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